DXC Installation Guide

1) Go to your nagios installation folder (e.g. /usr/local/nagiosxi)
2) Go to html folder
3) Unzip attached sso.zip file inside html folder
4) Go inside sso folder and edit settings.php file
a) Change baseurl with correct value on line 3,
$spBaseUrl = ‘http://your-ip/nagiosxi’;
b) Update IdP settings
i) On line 17, put your IDP Entity ID
ii) On line 19, put your IDP Single Sign On URL
ii) On line 24, put your IDP certificate
5) Configure IDP: Go to your IDP dashbaord and use below settings
SP Entity ID / Issuer: http://your-ip/nagiosxi/sso/
ACS URL : http://your-ip/nagiosxi/sso/
Logout Service Redirect Binding URL : http://your-ip/nagiosxi/sso/?action=logout

6) In /usr/local/nagiosxi/html/includes/constants.inc –

Comment Line –
//define(“PAGEFILE_LOGIN”, “login.php”);

Add Line –
define(“PAGEFILE_LOGIN”, “login.php”);
define(“PAGEFILE_LOGIN”, “sso/index.php”);

How to test?
Got to http://your-ip/nagiosxi/sso/?action=login URL to test


Identity Provider Settings